A touching story that has now made me a believer in a higher spirit – I never grew up with religion (I may just believe in god or something a little bit more now)

A Gift - rosary

A Gift – rosary

I was in the hospital and I met a man at first in the area where I stayed for a while. He went on a religious rant and mentioned the meaning of rosaries. He showed me his. I have never talked to anyone in my entire life about a rosary before let alone I had never seen one in real life. The next day on my way back up stairs to my room I passed a statue of St. Micheal. I stopped in awe as I saw a lady – Eden place a rosary on the foot of the statue. I stood and stared at the statue. She started talking to me and first explained to me who the statue was. Then we got into other things. She started opening up and expressed much of the same pain I was going through. I explained the coincidence of the patient up stairs who spoke about a rosary and described it to me and that the next day I randomly see her place one on this statue. She gave me some more information about it but also said the sweetest things to me. She brightened up my day. she said “you are special and belong in this world and need to know that life is hard but you are a sweet soul.” We went on discussing positive life lessons.

A couple days later I saw her again and expressed to her that I wanted to take the rosary that she left on the foot of the statue before I left the hospital because of what our first encounter was like. How positive she was. I told her that I wasn’t going to take it though because I didn’t want god or St. Micheal or whom ever to get mad at me (hahah, yes I’m not religious)

At that very moment she pulled out the very rosary you see in the above picture and said “no need for that, take this one”. I got emotional and said “this must mean so much to you, I can’t accept this.” She said “Yes, it does mean a lot to me but knowing that you have it gives me more satisfaction.”

I gave a complete stranger a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said thank you with all my heart. Now this rosary makes me pray and gives me hope.

How special this is for me. My guardian.

How special this is to me. My guardian.





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